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Ok, The "Where art thou" thing we do…

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Advantage zyaada is all short staffed right now, and being alone across 15 different sub brands / sub zones ( depending on whether you are marketing or accounting) Monday morning is always a very late US morning our evening kind of start as we struggle with getting up to speed on where the world is, whether the issues have changed and more.  I am pretty sure most of you are with me in spirit, this being not just a blog but a live decision making tool and a labour of reason and Thor together as it were.

Still I would welcome If more of you would join in writing and commenting and more of the SEO guys around state themselves clearly even as search itself fights for its identity in the new digital chowmein. any monday should never mean alot of mixed weekend leftovers and I know many of you miss my commentary for that, not being strictly 8 am to 8 pm guys in the US of A and aas many more come from Europe and here in India many would prefer to write me off everytime i take a 2-3 hour break from writing during my waking hours. Unfortunately, that is not happening, nor am I being commissioned by the any of the myriad senior decision makers to more direct business.

Strictly on the lines of getting the Writer’s block and the lack of current news off my very back..where I load this insignia content machine at Advamtage zyaada..since the AM we have written at Advantage social as we find the Marketing world providing an incisive opportunity to continue  a favorite point of ours at  and we have also written two highly intensive pieces at our India pages at

The monthly web report much like Chicago PMI does not look dull at all unlike what you might see of us on Monday Morning…

We also sometimes randomly muse on articles of progress like a video podcast on thse debt talks or those FDI progress in India and sometimes we wonder if we are hurrying into a point of view on where China is headed and what is making it head anywhere at and we need you shouting out to us more, more often , longer writings and basically feel free to guide us in whichever way you desire without any pathological choices for misdirection or any pathological run off from our ruddy deacons

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