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The Retail lifestyle Champions: Is it really Apple vs Amazon?

Even as JP Morgan USA analyst for Apple rode over the supply chain hill and boutiques upped Apple’s iPad sales estimates to $12 bln at the high end the 18 million units thus
apple might chalk from the 18 mln odd units at the higher end will never be eclipsed by the mass market reader/tab introduced by sold are hardly a dent in the eventual market for Tablets and may hardly get heavy competition from Kindle Fire just launched by Amazon in the 7″ category.  Still, the new Amazon Kindle Fire might also sell more than 10 mln units in the first quarter itself because of Holiday Season. Blackberry goes down in flames with its cutely titled “Playbook”  Of course Apple does have ready competition in Asia from Chinese me toos which even Amazon may not under price greatly

One still feels it overall expands the e reader/ tablet market esp after uninspiring offerings from HP and Dell, niche products from Barnes and Noble though available offline and the yet half cooked Galaxy Tab

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

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