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After LSE’s petite purchase of LCH for bolstering its Derivatives clearing operation brought a more competitive flavour to Trans European and American trading, the NYSE DB merger may be a portend of even more integrated financial  market operations than expected as Publishing houses get together to plan a JV between the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Indices operating companies. Apart from operational clarity it also means more inferential data will now be available to make substantive plans for including China, US UK and more in the same trading day.

Don’t forget to watch the ticker and the previous news items as Deals have turned the biggest news movers and shakers and added to the volatile fun in the markets in the US trading day

Recovery hopes wtill look getting there with Durables holding more than 10% growth over last yeara nd capital goods also in the positive zone even as Financial markets deal with the accumulation in Fixed income and the fiscal wars bbetween China and US on face value and an element of irrationality. The sensitive auto markets meanwhile pushed the Chicago PMI beyond 60.4 while S&P credit TV continued to push the case for a brighter Case Shiller index and falling new home prices


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