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India's Happy thursday saga..

Manmohan Singh, current prime minister of India.

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Our weekly report on inflation , markets and global linkages exclusively for India believers has been a successful one for more than four months now…though not without hits and misses..the latest one is below and the rest should be always available with The India Investment Post.

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Yields are 9 going on 10 yet as investors might find the 8.92% yield attractie…structurally brrowing yields might stay up for higher borrowing as a stable rating gets in investors and inflation ticks down unless the fisc looks clear..


  • 2 Nov 2011

I feel like a college kid again ( My alma mater’s reports of PPOs and PPIs are heating the business papers this morning too) as the banking regulator in desh clarifies on Bloomberg that the Banking Regulation Act, voting rights of 15% for promoters and another legislation after that mean that new banks can possibly not make up time and set up shop before 2013. I’d say 2014.

Just what everyone knows already?

And I am sure if I was holding that IB job, that’s what would swing me everyday, that there is 3 years to go before it makes a big bank out of last month’s (August) guidelines and the sparse deal calendar would bother me ony till it bothered my employer. Which it does not.

However what would similarly break in the Bankers’ minds on credit desks would be the sweet

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realisation that the festive fortnight would not really bump up credit. It is kind of intuitive, As I get busy with really shopping and decorating the home and hearth and corporates basically get too busy computing any bonuses and holidays for their staff.

‘Coz thats the only reason that will fly for Oct. 21 credit figures and deposits to remain the same as Oct 7 highs at INR 40.81 Tln (40.85 Tln) in Loans and Advances and INR 56.19 Tln (56.24 Tln) Deposits, figures in brackets showing the Oct 7 high

Also PM Manmohan Singh’s appointment diary now looks like he is from India (huh!) and not big cousin China who can refuse to bankroll the crisis

Talking of Gamechangers, Cognizant related to its hyper growth with a seemingly 5th quarter ( It should be around 18th or 19th) with a 30% growth, Op Margins nearly 20% and Net Profits growing by 11% yoy despite the ground licking deals on offer. I thought the entire industry was out to do that as Outsourcing, but only Cognizant succeeds everytime. Now with a $1.6bln quarterly turnover, CTS can probably aspire publicly to beating TCS on Topline, Infosys a touch away for the Q4 itself

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IBAM and Accenture of course hav a $500 mln each incl BPO and IMS business in India as of 2007. (quarterly rates) over India IT’s $2 bln rate

And you  would think HT! will forget talking abt the weekly inflation but we don’t. The morning’s been too busy and the data released around 12 (IST)

Inflation has crawled on to the wires, but it has surely been burning the midnight oil, growing to Primary articles inflation of 12.1%, non food indices are down to 6.5% from a low 7.5% which is very encouraging, food from 11.43% to 12.2% (Finance Minister) and fuel at above 14%

Primary Articles seem to be ready for the structural chop as even US reports basic inputs going down by 10-20% in terms of costs (ISM)

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