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Buffet spending his cash on Technology, Defence & Cash

While Buffet has already earned a nearly 20% on his IBM investment if he (likely) got in at near $162 in August when the stock

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turned back up, many revealing their portfolio holdings showed their disappointment with the markets in the second half of 2011  with Appaloosa, Einhorn and others showing a rejection of HC major Pfizer’s magnificent plans and retail stocks that were also sold in their entirety. Buffet however, showed his statements with discomfort in finding larger grade investments for his Berkshire Hathaway vehicle with or without changes at the helm were meant with considerable sincerity. According to BRK.A/BRK.B disclosures in the same filings, apart from BofA which would have been right up America’s and Buffet’s creek..he has otherwise invested in Defence major General Dynamics, Tech survivor Intel, Cable/Satellite

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pioneer DirecTv and Credit Card company Visa for a total of hardly a $1 billion (FT)

Those backing Netflix however may have to wait longer after its business model unraveled last quarter and well those with another $80 bln in cash may also consider and Apple for their next round of close to the line investing in fundamentals and America’s growing future HP has also been dropped by important funds and never made it to any Warren Buffet shortlist despite Meg Whitman coming to lead its iPad charge

IBM now earns a $100 bln in anual revenue, its latest quarter $26.7 bln, and profit will grow at 15% to $14 per share his year

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software being 44% of the company and increasing under ex PWC Gini Rommetti’s leadership.(50% by 2015)

Warren Buffet invested $5 bln in BofA and $8 bln in IBM. His IBM stake is nearly a 60 mln shares with a 5.4% stake in the company. His BofA investment is yet to earn him any profits

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