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The Retail Lifestyle Champions: Black Friday gladdens retail shoppers

It’s still the weekedn and most stores that opened near midnight yesterday may continue offers at least today if they

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were not rid of all the stock put on the year’s biggest sale extravaganza again. Whil eGlobal retailers ponder recession and near recession conditions fo the most part of 2011, retail sales have almos throughout managed an uptick of nearly 5% from last levels and till august there was a positive uptick every month for same stores comparison from previous month as well.

Opening media reports on the celebration suggested 9000 spent their Friday midnight outside Macy’s in Herald Square, New York waiting for it to open and one could see frenetic activity on social media blogs not reporting but out creating and selling down Black Friday offers of their own

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Amazon makes a 100% jump on quarterly revenues in the 4th Quarter as Holiday season continues ill after Christmas while the Independent reports a 25-40% range for retailers revenues during the Holiday season with the 152 mln weekend shoppers kickstarting Holiday season on Friday night

Some hard numbers:

November same store sales are already up 3.2%

Holiday season sales will be a furher 2.5% higher than the high watermark last year ( Banks re printing credit cards for customers unwilling to pay new debit card fees too)

High end stores opened after 11 am  while Macys’ and others opened at midnight. Walmart sales are not going up.

Here are two Black friday utlooks that migh help with Reuters research and CNBS squawk on the money

CNBC Black Friday Holiday Outlook

Sales preview: Discounts but no Walmart please

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