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Coming up..Deals, Big Deals, Banks, Europe and Economics – Deal of the Day 2012?

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 26:  In this photo ...

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Keeping the post ticker moving on a reading only day..

Onyx Pharma ONXX up for grabs, will Pfizer make a play for the blood cancer maker. What high premium mark?

What are national funds suddenly in the scheme  f the German option to save the union – German suport for all funds  (from fiscal discipline)

Euro GDP $16 tln 2011, $15 tln 2012 $13 Tln 2014?

Cell Therapeutics has some aces up its sleeve? CTIC..DNDN?

Big Deal Tuesday / Big Deal Thursday for the new year’s gumption?

Eli Lilly, Pfizer up te ante with huge growth numbers, Sanofi another play, another dent in profits, revenue?

Bringing the shadow system out of the dark? in the US Financial Services compooanies..Out East , Shadow Banking systems and Informal Lending out of control at 100% yields

English: Meatpacking District in New York

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Deutsche Bank disenfranchising for the USA to come back again!

The Euro a good investment for sovereigns (outside the EZ) ?

Can the domestic printing of Euros solve it all?

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Is the US in trouble? How?

Is the reduction of 20% in Muni issuance a sign of the times to come?

Beige Book says home demand is increasing?

Is it the magic bottom for banks?

Tesla’s EV a good bet? Hyundai, VW and Chrysler set November Light vehicle sales on fire! 50k VWs, 110 K Chryslers added in November

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Retail growth of 3.1% jumped only the $52 bln over the weekend?

Beige Book report: Only New York, Boston, Minneapolis and Cleveland enough to say times are truly dull for US business, home sales, retail and services growth? And Kansas?

Pending home sales will never convert into existing sales / new sales numbers growth this decade!

Will Auto sales ever make a come back in Europe?

Facebook $10 bln, Zynga $1 bln _ even if the ratio does not hold, Zynga cheap at $15

New Energy / Oil businesses in San Francisco and Boston! Boston the new home for services growth ( Financial / Non Financial Services) Growth in San Francisco District anemic!!!

Blackstone and Bain picking up Yahoo!

Financial stability report for UK banks a request for more Capital with higher Capital ratios..Only risk optimization or True Deleveraging till 2014? In UK? In Europe?

ECB to continue rate cuts, Fiscal Compact not integration? NAtional Funds not German financial bailout of the Euro system?

It cost AT&T $4 bln to learn that this is anti trust territoy. Not that their JV cannot be ruled out on anti trust grounds!

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Buybacks and New Cross holdings of PSEs an elegant solution to furthering reform, reducing fisc and staying real in India..

China- no hard landing, they got ahead of inflation by two cuts before easing monetary policy

China aid comes at a price, China is not going to be nice to neighbours or Emerging markets in the Americas..

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Official seal of Minneapolis

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Old Muni logo

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Deutsch: Logo der Deutsche Bank

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