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Advantage China: Exports in double digit November, Inflation 4%

China’s stand on starting off easing of monetary policy turned out ot be the only balanced one yet, having come ahead of the inflation curve with inflation falling to 4.2% where 4.5% was predicted would have done them a neat trick. The Banking regulator can now attend to bringing the gorwth momentum with rate cuts as most other Emerging Market stories like Brazil and Australia have been hampered to a 3.1%/2% growth respectively for the year due to over reliance on Minerals and metals

China’s export growth has slowed to a 12% growth in November ( data release in the next week) after a 16% growth in October. However China may well control its imports correspondingly and has additional room to maneuver For most Asia – Pacific  and Latam markets and national economies, 2012 promises to be more horrendous than ever but China’s exit fromthe slowdown pool lane could well lift hopes at most of the smaller countries with not more than a 3-6 month lag. Singapore and Korea have shown the most volatile turns in GDP this year as Japan and China crumbled in international trade participation outside basic energy and minerals costs.

Industrial Production in China grew 12.4% in November at its lowest healthier by 4-5 times that in other economies of relative size including the US. China additionally also shows an all important 24.5% growth in Fixed Asset investment, a healthy number thoiugh it missed Economist expectations for the month

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