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Accumulating Linked In and Amazon | The new fundamentals

While many have been long term investors in Amazon from the time of the first mistimed

Zynga Statistics

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digital boom in 2000 to this years fracas with Web 2.0, Linked In again raised hopes along with Facebook as Group on and Zynga tried to build a new business around the social media defined on the personal front by Facebook and professional front by Linked In.

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While China’s censorship concerns yet spawned its own Sina Weibo, Twitter defined the ultimate in digital frustration when Facebook sang a $100 bln valuation song, Google losing a few pips a day throughout the year

Zynga of course is soon moving to its own platform hitting Facebook even as the new omnipresent web icon substitutes the revenue share from zynga (for using its payments platform) new advertising growing at almost a 100% rate Zynga pens in China with its own look and shape even as twitter like Sina Weibo start losing popular interest for new censorship from the government

A lot more believe in this edition of digital business models though discussions still start with how companies look for absurd valuations, denied by both Zynga which is pricing its IPO conservatively as virtual items revenue recognition could turn on it any minute and Facebook adding an extra $1 bln in its second year in revenues wth a$1 bln earlier last year

Conservative fund T Rowe Price has in the mean time jumped on to the new bandwagon with a 13% stake after the 13F filing for the third quarter in Linked IN (LNKD) T Rowe has $453 bln Assets under management. IT bought 5.2 mln shares of Linked In at an undisclosed pice in the last month


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