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FOMC goes by on expected lines

As the Fed Statement after the Policy meeting Tuesday shows, there is nothing of note that bothered the Fed nor did it think anything of adding a pertinent buying of MBS bonds regardless of Citi and Bill Gross moving on it in real time and noises that the same has to come before January ends. The Fed in the meantime keeps buying MBS from extinguished MBS cash and rolling over Treasuries maturing. ( The complete texthere) Zerohedge shows and we aver this means that Foreing investors looking to buy US paper are attracted to it but US funds and markets do not think anything less than QE3 will give them the breath to go on.

Federal Open Market Committee

A spineless market as you would expect after $2 tln in QE2 In fact those interested in calculations add the tota lstimulus number to a confounding $28.6 Tln

Meanwhile we have interesting ideas about how JP Morgan earns itself extra margin feeding off collateral and shutting down companies in its wake ( Hint: Euro, MF Global(0), Dick Fuld & Lehman)

FOMC done its part, the wild west moves on to attacking Europe feeling curiously happy and no wtakin gon the next of the best JP Morgan

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