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Thinking – Fast and slow | Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahne is not your Archetypal Econmist. The brilliant psychologist was awarded the Nobel Prize, however when his treatise on two different channels of thinking, the deliberate and the intuitive gained good acceptance and were thought to be a goo dinfluence for laying a foundation for one’s future a sa nation, a corporation or a family perhaps.

How your intuition does not work the way you think, and more..

Drawing on decades of research in psychology that resulted in a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Daniel Kahneman takes readers on an exploration of what influences thought example by example, sometimes with unlikely word pairs like “vomit and banana.” System 1 and System 2, the fast and slow types of thinking, become characters that illustrate the psychology behind things we think we understand but really don’t, such as intuition. Kahneman’s transparent and careful treatment of his subject has the potential to change how we think, not just about thinking, but about how we live our lives. Thinking, Fast and Slow gives deep–and sometimes frightening–insight about what goes on inside our heads: the psychological basis for reactions, judgments, recognition, choices, conclusions, and much more.  –JoVon Sotak


Daniel Kahneman

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