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Those coming back after the Christmas weekend have much to look forward to this week as equities in China, India and Brazil have started

Christmas in the post-War United States

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attracting investments, Europe almost a sideshow unlikely to come back but unlikely to take anyone else down. More than the good news from those working during Christmas, US retail and pending home sales data this week with last month’s bump ups in GDP calls and another hype filled Monday where the Macy’s at Herald square got more customers than the large numbers waiting last month on Black Friday.

Case Schiller index kept showing contraction in prices as big as 3.4% year on Year in October and unadjusted for 20 cities down 1.2% for October 2011. Prices are down only a third from their peak in 2006, but number of sales in existing homes ( multi family) and MBA reports have started showing a good pick up.

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‘Gingrich under fire’ from “Restore our future” did not help either Romney or the GOP but Smart NGOs are much in business.So called Super PAC ads have become all the rage after Romney told colleague and competitor Newt Gingrich that he could not ask the Political Action Committee to pull down the ads.  “Restore our Future” spent $15 mln on a slander campaign deriding Newt Gingrich for his various capitalist follies and set Obama on a very high watermark  as he starts out on the 2012 campaign to get re elected.

A lot of deals are simmering for 2012 as economic data looks up including restructurings at Sears which is closing a 100 -200K Marts and Sears stores after same store sales dipped 5% during Christmas.  Google has launched a new bid in online travel that could unravel a few competitors, and the Faceboo IPO will come at a likely lower valuation before the year ends.

Lufthansa sells British Midland International

The German airline got rid of excess baggage dividing the spoils between Iberia and British Airways, both owned under International


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Airlines Group, giving the two 56 more slots at Heathrow up for 45% already owned by it. Virgin Atlantic, the other bidder owns only 3% of the slots at Heathrow.

Sony gets rid of Flat screen TV business

While its Bravia line continues to remain bestsellers, Sony might take Apple’s lead in finding sourcing nearer to home quitting its 50%

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stake in the LCD Screen venture with Samsung to the partner for $935 mln. The venture supplied TV panels from its plant in South Korea. Honda and Toyota continue to suffer in sales with sourcing blocked earlier in the year from Japan and in October further sourcing lost in Thailand due to floods. Sony expects to save more than $625 mln a year after quitting the venture though it will report high losses in 2011 including writedowns in this JV sale

Pfizer continues Lipitor Leather hunt

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Even as marketing arrangements for generic Lipitor have been worked out to replace the $11 bln drug at Pfizer, the company added to its portfolio of blockbuster drugs with exclusive marketing arrangements in India with Sun and Biocon earlier in th e year, a Gilead Pharmasset purchase in a similar field keeping it busy scouting for options while it signed  exclusive marketing rights from Karo bio in Sweden for a $217 mln upfront , milestone payments and royalties. Pfizer will fund full research costs for KAro Bio’s RORGamma modulators Drug Discovery program that will make new treatment plans for Autoimmune diseases like Rhematoid Arthritis, psoriasis and multiple sclerosis.









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