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Some good end of the year reminders

A list of the men who made Wall street from our friends Matt and Bess at Here is the city 

It’s tough to come up with a list of true Wall Street legends, as so many have got their detractors – and not all of them have / had unblemished track records.

1. J P Morgan

2. Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild

3. Warren Buffett

4. Jay Gould, American financier

5. Michael Milken, the junk bond King

6. Jesse Livermore, legendary stock trader

7. Charles R. Schwab, founder of Charles Schwab Corporation

8. Sigmund Warburg

9. Pete Peterson, former Lehman CEO, co-founder Blackstone Group

10. Bernard Baruch, stock market speculator / statesman

11. Henry R Kravis, co-founder of Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts & Co (KKR)

12. Steve Schwartzman, co-founder Blackstone Group

13. Joseph Kennedy, stock market speculator and the first Chairman of the SEC

14. Sandy Weill, founder of Citigroup

15. Michael Bloomberg

16. Carl Icahn, American financier

17. Charles Merrill

18. Jamie Dimon, CEO & Chairman, JPMorgan Chase

19. Sidney Weinberg, former lead partner, Goldman Sachs

20. Robert Lehman

21. Edward Francis Hutton

22. Henry Goldman, former co-head of Goldman Sachs

23. Bruce Wasserstein – former CEO, Lazard

24. Andre Meyer, former Head of Lazard

25. George Soros

26. ‘Ace’ Greenberg, former Chairman & CEO, Bear Stearns

27. Ben Edwards, former CEO A.G Edwards

28. John Paulson, Paulson & Co

29. Paul Tudor Jones II, founder of hedge fund Tudor Investment Corporation

30. Felix Rohatyn, legandary M&A dealmaker

31. James Simons, founder of Renaissance technologies

32. Boyd Jefferies, founder of Jefferies & Co

33. Peter Lynch, equities investor, Fidelity Investments

34. John Bogle, founder and former CEO, Vanguard Group

35. Fishcer Black, US economist and co-author of the Black-Scholes financial equation

36. Warren Spector, former President, Bear Stearns

37. Andre Kostolany, stock market expert

38. Lew Glucksman, former CEO, Lehman Brothers

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