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US Auto: December Auto Sales for the nation

December Auto Sales

While America bought 4000 less Large Cars from 2010 November last month to only 2,004 cars  (WSJ Market Data) it has been growing

Consumer Reports

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Mid size and Small SUV categories while keeping the faith in Pick ups and Cross overs to grow the run rate back to 13.7 mln cars a year till November,. The run rate will likely go up by another 3-4% in December

According to web reports doing the rounds, the run rate is likely to end at 13.5 mln for December and thus forecasts for 2012 are nearing 14 mln units in light vehicle sales. December will see a 9% rise in retail sales to more than a million cars and light trucks, with a additional 235,000 units in fleet sales despite lower incentives

This means new vehicle sales are up 25% on November (without seasonal adjustments). Used Car sales are up to 2.854 mln units up 10% from November.

United Auto Workers

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This probably means Honda returns to more than 109k units up 30% from December, slowly but surely and Chrysler, Hyundai and Nissan also score a 100k units in sales. GM and Ford are likely posting 233k and 204k units in Sales counting to more than 15% in market shares for each. Toyota the new no. 2 in 2007 is still churning out good numbers expecting 174k sales in December, with Camry’s new edition getting into the good books of Consumer Reports again. The economy i s so good that UAW has decided to play again, this time for the European car makers at VW and Daimler.

Internationally US car makers will face pressure in China due to new 13% duties for GM for using imported components and the continuing drop in monthly sales in Europe while Asia grows for US carmakers as well as Nissan and VW, with Honda and Toyota working out supply issues


Ford has crosse d the 2 m ln sales mark this month with 77,000 Lincolns sold. The utility segment is up 30% on the year and carsa are up 20% Mean while GM brand Saab, sold to another bankrupt Swedish Automobiles company is on way to entertain another round of bids.

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