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The coming war in Iran

Iran controls a production capacity of 5.5 million barrels per day. Iran has also test fired two missiles yet on the cusp of 2012. Even before the second test of long range missiles was completed, the country was issued sanctions in banking by the West, Europe moving in on Sunday’s new year celebrations as iran test fired Mehrab, Nour and Ghadur ( 200 m ) missiles

Tehran also made it clear it would not allow the more than dozen supertankers through the strait of Hormuz ( which are entirely Iran;s ‘responsibility’) Meanwhile Obama could still move the law allowing sanctions on any Financial institutions to deal with the Iranian Central Bank. Iran trades the Dollar at 17,000 Rials trying to carry out shadow trades while the country’s 28 banks and finance companies are not allowed to trade with US traded banks ( Trading with the Fed) Local market transactions have been reported moving to the Dollar to avoid the 11% bunker in the Rial on the weekend. Two days ago, Iran started refusing fuel to International planes as International planes refused to refuel Iranian planes

Iran’s nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalilli wrote to his counterparts in the EU to restart nuclear talks as the country reported a successful building of a Nuclear Fuel Rod, deployed in the Centrlal Core of the Atomic Research Reactor


As of now it looks extrmely unlikely that this rabble rousing gets anyone near a war but Crude could be more sensitive in 2012 than expected even as Gold takes a longer breather than expected. However US could be strategically turning up the screws as 2012 could be a good year for it for a war to get the economi cand political engine going in a definite direction with 2012 looking in dange rof the same high vacillation as 2011 despite improvements in jobs and housing





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