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A commercial real estate transaction, but in Australia

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Morning headlines in the Big West afforded new opportunities for galloping Economic confidence of the country in Financials stocks even as Bank of America got nearer to the $6 mark. Morgan Stanley’s purchase transaction in the funds management business in the Far East, English speaking Australia was one such booster. The purchase, could go by unnoticed except that it is for a $1.1 bln Real estate portfolio, including an office fund, a Diversified Property fund with 80% leverage and a Renaissance Property trust from Orchard Capital

MSREI had earlier purchased the $5 bln Investa group in 2007. Shareholders get $13 mln for the $77 mln notes that have made the creditors owners of the fund. MS real Estate will recapitalisre the funds with $115 mln fully underwritten rights offers allowing the frozen assets of the firm that owed $1.3 bln to Aussie top 3 banks to become tradeable again for “900 mum-and-dad investors”



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