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Goldman Sachs to sell CSI, King's Speech producer

Alliance Films

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The surviving Goldman Sachs PE business as Goldman Sachs Capital Partners and not the investment bank as advisor, is in the process of selling its 50% ownership of CSI ( the hit TV series) and Alliance Films that financed the 2011 hit ” The King’s Speech”  Bank of Montreal will be advising the GSCP transaction

The Quebec government owns one third of the Film company and GSCP, two thirds. GSCP had bought Alliance Atlantis with CanWest for $2.3 bln in 2007 and though it sold the Canadian Cable channels it got int he purchase, it retained 50% rights to CSI and the Alliance Films business while the other buyer Canwest went to bankruptcy court. The movie King’s speech grossed $400 mln, received four Oscars including one for Best Actor Colin Firth

However, other banks are still inviting themselves to Hollywood as institutional funding of the industry hit $16 bln in the four years till 2008

The CSI stake will remain with GSCP and IQ (Quebec Government) after the sale

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