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2011 US Auto Sales Report (Final – December 2011) – A clean sweep for the home boys

December sales, satisfied all the curiosity around them with the Ford Escape scoring 25,000 plus units and almost beaating the Altima and the Camry in sheer numbers for the month. Of course pick up trucks remained America’s favorite from the F series to the Silverado, the Top 3 pick up trucks doing 140k out of the 1.25 mln cars and light truck sales. The top 3 American brands came back to a 47% share of market, Honda and Toyota falling to less than 22%

Hyundai sold just 51,000 vehicles in December and less than 650,000 units for the year with 410,000 from that in its top 2 Sonata and Elantra offerings. Instead Chrysler had greater cause for celebration rounding off the Top 3 with Ford and GM. GM ended the year with a 19.6% share of market and Ford a great 16.8%. The Jeep Grand Cherokee came back with a 36% growth year on year, even as Honda’s Civic and Accord, Chevy’s Equinox and GMC Sierra shrunk in sales from last year

In the year’s overall nos.,  the Ford Fusion, Dodge Ram and the Toyota Corolla were the others that outsold more than a monthly

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average of 20,000 units as Americans specnt more than $30,500 on their new ride according to a CNBC sound bite for 2011

The Ford Focus and Jetta could be other real threats for car makers out there with the Prius holding steady at 17000 units and 135,000 units for the year.

Toyota returned to a 12.9% share for the year, while Honda and Nissan followed up with 9% and 8.2% while Chrysler came back to  a10.7% share of the market. GM crossed a 200,000 a month average at 2.5 mln sales and Ford was the other one at 2.1 mln sales with followers Chrysler, Toyota and others behind the American’s truck sales of 1.4 mln and 1.1 mln respectively

The Detroit Auto show starts next week and the World's #3 car market sits on an early screening at the Indian Auto expo
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