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US Politics: The GOP elephant mongering:: The Gingrich – Romney wars

As the Republicans pin their hope on a Big time consultant entering the whitehouse to solve their problems, Obama gets a clear line of defense for an easy re election bid that is likely to keep markets buoyant Here’s the gist from a concise video by Reuters insider

DERRY, NH - JANUARY 07:  A supporter of Republ...
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Romney is nearer a candidature for the 2012 Presidential Polls in the ongoing New Hampshire primaries, a region esp unaffected by job losses as the Boston neighbour gave Bain & Co founder a heads up Gingrich raised the decibels in a dirty war initiated by Romney support groups fighting back with allegations of Bain & Co’ dirty profits at the expense of big business

The New York Times supported Gingrich’s allegations with reports of Bain & Co walking out on an assignment with 17,000 out of a job in his speech.

Reuters quotes another where, A steel mill in Kansas city issued $125 mln bonds and apart from improvements issued $65 mln as dividends to the owners, and its indebtedness took it down later and the mill was closed down (Andy Sullivan, Reuters) dumping the pensions on government account after declaring bankruptcy

Gingrich got his Super PAC supported by Sheldon Adelsen with a $ 5 mln. Sheldon Adelson is a Casino owner, while Romney supporting Super Political Action Committee’s destroyed the Gingrich couple’s bid with a dirty campaign against his liberal values earlier

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