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Air Asia acts on plan to focus on North Asia

The Malaysia airline plas to focus on Korea-Japan-China as destinations evens as aircraft buying reach a fever pitch in China and the

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/Middle East. It has been the Skytrax World’s Best Low cost airline for the last five years except 2008 Intra region capacity in asia increased its lead over NA to 39% even as AirAsia withdrew from India and Europe sectors. IT s 2010 Sear kilometer cost was $).035 or less than 4 cents

By 2035 Asian airports are expected to carry 3 times the (passenger) volumes. Star Alliance already has three airlines in China / taiwan including ne wEVA Airlines, from Taiwan, Air China and Shenzhen Airlines. EVA and Shenzen are yet to announce the date of joining the alliance.  China Easterbn and Shanghai Airlines have joined the Delta SkyTeam alliance

Star and SkyTeam have a 29% and 33% share in North Asia (Asia)

Japanese Skymark added GE (leased) planes to its fleet

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