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The retail lifestyle champions: Amazon's selling Kindles for chump change

Well, we in Marketing strategy have praised it as Gillette’s revolutionary pricing win, selling razors for giveaway prices to make everyone pay up for the blades and assure the company’s

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long term success. Amazon calls it the only way to sell 1 million Kindles a week. So all your seething about running on an advertising supported Kindle, does not make the corporate on the other side any better off as it is supposedly not making any margins on the basic or the full fledged $199 Kindle models.

Amaazon is getting throughoon software sales including movies and is making content available for a song to amazon Prime members, atrue partnership for the long run You would instantly think of Apple’s great 40% margins on each $600 iPad/iPhone it sells, making 3g and 4G operators pay fretail for the device and retail consumers for the data plan..leaving with the baggage. But while there waas only one Steve Jobs, Amazon may not be done yet!


Kindle for Japan

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