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The retail lifestyle champions: HP and Dell could heat up the Tablet wars

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Let’s face it. Tablets are a great accessory to miss out on. Price might be one important reason, functionality apparently is not. While the Kindle hopes to sell books and music in the cloud or otherwise for a long time, Apple says it owns the cloud to serve you when you buy your iPad making you buy that iMac and the iPhone anyway..or plan to. Whichever way you look, market development on the Tablet wars has escaped the iPhone and Nokia competitor Android and it has seamlessly missed, Microsoft software, allowing the world to libve without a device to make presentations on their old haboit on the Powerpoint.

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Not that it will go away, Windows may still get chosen because of its MS Office suite and if Bing is competitive enough, by HP and/or Dell when

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they reintroduce their coming line of tablets. Also, Samsung’s Galaxy may finally have to move out of the somfortable 7 ” format it has beaten everyone out of, with smartphones and Tablets still counting as two different devices esp if jobs come back and people have enough work on hand. Right now, th millions of Holiday buyinghave no time for work as they get busy on their Kindles and iPads with the latest fiction, magazines and movies/music

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