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Welcome the year of the Dragon

The year of the Water Dragon comes once in 60 years, while the 3.5% IMF/Germany maximum request and the 4.0% minimum required by investors to agree keep s interest in the Euro Foreign Ministers’ conference as also the size of the 2013(now 2012 European Stability Mechanism)

Meanwhile German and French banks will likely get additional 3 years to keep their insurance subsidiaries without new leverage and solvency norms to the holding company and also they will not be required to share their leverage.

Ikea which refused to change its sourcing to feed India’s 100% FDI requirements for its stores has grown at 3 stores a year in China from 2009 when it had only 6% of its business from China on a turnover of $30 bln( PAT $2.77 bln)


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