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Airbus A380s found with cracked wings in multiple cases

EASA’s team of European Aviation safety Inspectors found cracks inside the 9100 sft wings of at least five A380 wide superjumbos following the urgent inspections ordered on the third of the 380 fleet last week

DO NOT FLY! (AD below is the Aviation Directive issued for the 40th time on the 380s last week

The AD, effective on January 24, divides the affected A380s into two categories. Aircraft with 1,800 cycles or more must be inspected within four days or 14 cycles, whichever applies first. Aircraft that have logged between 1,300 and 1,799 cycles must be inspected within six weeks or 84 cycles.

A “detailed visual inspection” should be performed on “certain” rib feet. Airbus says it has devised repairs, and if the maintenance technician discovers a crack, the next step is to contact Airbus “for approved instructions.” The AD refers to the manufacturer’s January 20 “all operator telex.”

The AD describes “interim action,” but the EASA might mandate further action as the process progresses.

This is the first 10000+ production year for Airbus and Boeing, Airbus planning to produce 540 aircraft including the A320s and A380s this year

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