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It's time to demand guaranteed bonuses?| Banking 'Legal'

Once upon a time a Vo7 guaranteeed bonus was added to my pay slip and then never paid when I left. Some Dresdner Kleinwort employees feel time for restitution is here and filed with the Royal Court of Justices for guaranteed bonuses habitually offerd by the Industry since 2001  and not paid in the aftermath of the Lehman September of 2008

Little known Commerzbank ( well known local German Bank that owns Dresdner Kleinwort) ‘ 104 employees filed for Group action where they can be unnamed. Only 2 of the 104 are still known in employment as named litigants while working at BarCap/Westpac(Aus)

Meanwhile Londoners caught Goldman Sachs for announcing the GBP 1.5 bln bonus pool in London an average of $#50,000 for each London Investment Banker. . I did not think there were enoguh deals in Europe either, but the payout cannot be more than the average the firm has paid out after all the base pay cuts and reductions this year and if these are better, than retention or new hiring is key.

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