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The Retail lifestyle Champions: Apple's the only selling tablet and phone?

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37 million iPhones this 3 month period and 60 million iPads for the year give Apple the dominance it wanted to assert in a post Jobs’ world. According to the latest market surveys for the December quarter hte iOs is in the lead.

Apple beat market expectations by a 37% to $13.87 per share at $13 bln against the expected $10 per share for Tim Cook’s first quarter as CEO. The gross margin of 44.7% would make many other global CEOs envious as Apple stashes its hoard of $100 bln in 2011 without any announced plans for M&A. The quarterly revenues of $46.33 bln were also 20% above expectations and set the stage for a $200 bln 2012 and a $600 share price target according to a Reuters Flash

5.2 mln Macs were sold for the quarter with the new Mac App store for online retail delivery. The sunset product iPod till sold more than 15 mln units, sales down 20.8% from 19.4 mln. Revenues from iPhones grew 133% to $24.4 bln and sales from iPads grew 99% ( as per revenue recognition for 15.4 mln iPads a $9.1 bln was booked as revenue or $1692 a pop incl accessories

28 new iTunes stores in Brazil and Europe with 140 mln Christmas Day downloads meant sales of $1.7 bln from the stores worldwide. The Conference also showcased business clients for iPad from Bed Bath and Beyond for floor business metrics and Sothebys’ as also over 1.5 mln in Education. Over 3 mln iTunes U app have been downloaded. IDC surveys put the 62 mln iOs devices ahead of Android as the overall iOs devices added up to 315 mln. Over 85 mln have been signed up for iCloud

Apple Retail got in $6 bln including 1.1 million iMacs from 361 stores. 4 new stores added to the kitty of over $17 mln average sales per store. Retail Margins kept increasing to 30.3% at $1.8 bln. Next quarter’ srevenue forecast is up 33% to $32 bln outside the just ended Holiday season

Aggregated yearly revenues have not been provided as this is officially Apple’s Q1





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