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US Economy: ISM Manufacturing PMI at 54.1

Production sub index jumped to a 59.9 in the December report and understandably got a subdued 55.7 in today’s report. With Seasonally adjusted 53.1 for ISM in December 2011, the increase is well earned by the Economy, new orders sub index confirming the strength though comparison with regional sub indices is not expected for th eISM figures. New orders crossed 60 , almost 3 points higher than December.

Inventories, particularly customer inventories, Prices and Baclogs showed strength recovering from alll time lows near 47 to 4-8 point higher scores above 50 signifying expansion momentum but Employment is likely to keep everyone in a tizzy weakening in the PMI also to 54.3, though much better than a 51.8 for 2 months ago November

For the morning round up incl ADP payrolls,  read US Economy: The Amazon Gotcha..


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