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US Autos: After a dozen Superbowl Ads, where are we going!

January was a good month for Car sales in the US, with  the Camry, the Nissan Altima and the Honda Civic coming back in the Top 10 with more than 40% growth year on year, and the Ford Escape and Dodge Ram lording over the Impala, Cruze and the Malibu with much higher growth clips. After the Superbowl ads, it remains to be seen if the pecking order doth change . The Silverado is #3 currently 19,500 units behind the truck he didn’t drive and didn’t make it thru the Apocalpyse in just January sales.

Hyundai and Kia are still growing in the US at 15% and 27% respectively, even as their sales are not eve close to crossing Nissan and Honda yet, esp in the list of individual popular boxes,where the Sonata and Elantra drag on in the Top 20 with hardly 25,000 units together for the two models. Chrysler is already 2 points behind Toyota’s 13.5% January share, even as GM’s 18.4% share misses its stopped mports of 2,500 units and Ford’s below 15 score probably a sign of slightly faster catch up by Toyota and Honda with 125000 and 83000 sales respectively, Chrysler’s 101,000 sales matched by Nissan’s 80,000 units while growth was snatched by imports in VW and BMW , surprisingly 500 more BMW Import trucks counted themselves into the American psyche, even as sales grew 20% over last year, the other half of the auto markets enamoured of small and midsize SUVs with the F series firmly in the lead.

VW and Audi though grow at a smaller pace than the double in size Hyundai and Kia pair with 35,000  vehicles behind the Koreans’ 78,000. Meanwhile, its heard that the Koreans have been wooing the troubled markets in Europe with their lower priced offerings.l



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