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US Economy: Apparently it’s Spring already!

While the 3 month and 6 month auctions went by with a 4.5 x coverage and slightly higher coupons ( which would have been welcome at the Fed ) the Jobs report has already restarted the debate of whether Fed needs to keep the rates so low as even Europe is still stuck with a 1% policy rate. Accelerating such a discussion is the morning’s retail sales number from Goldman Sachs growing 1.5% ont he week and 3.5% on the year despite the Warm weather. With winter goods not flying off the shelves, ssemingly stores have been able to open the spring inventory and salre brsk enough.

As the Giants got another of those last minute lead squashing touchdowns, the markets are ready for another stab at the higher resistance levels , though the possibility of a big climb down ids the most opportune yet after weeks of dithering at these levels.

And isn’t someone saying, Read my lips, Greece will default!

Watch out for the afternoon burst when the 3 PM Consumer CRedit reports another $10 bln added in credit likely hopefully in non revolving credit only

Coinstar and its Redbox have announced an interesting war in the streaming space with HBO and Amazon Prime also moving into gear for a stab at the Netflix disaster story

Coke reported a $0.79 cents profit beyond expectations, on a $11 bln revenue Q4, Its NA distribution and bottling business reports wihth Pepsi day after tomorrow for $0.40 per share

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