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US Economy: Yields recover in 10-Y US Treasury auctions

Even as the market responded well to the increasing size of auctions in both the 3 yr and 10 yr Treasuries, with cover ratios past 3 in both, yields also recovered and the 10 Yr bonds went under the hammer for a 2.02% yield than last months sudden fall to 1.9%

The two auctions have already netted the planned $56 bln with 30 Year bonds coming in tomorrow at another $16 bln. a 43% of yesterday’s auction was still awarded to dealers directly while investors picked up a good 57% of the auction

The yield on the 2 year note also inched up in the Bond markets, to 0.26% from 0.25%

The 30 Yr bond will probably close tomorrow at just under 3.2%, with a less than 60% take off from investors. The 3 yr bond was awarded a 0.347% yield


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