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LinkedIn results cement road to Facebook.. | Social Insight

My LinkedIn network, visualized

My LinkedIn network, visualized (Photo credit: For Inspiration Only)

The Facebook IPO around the corner has done wonders for many digital media scrips, even as Amazon gets down to setting up physical bookstores after 16 years ruling the World Wide Web economy. The pop in Zynga on the same $14 bln 2011 expectation as earlier is of course entirely reliant on Facebook’s coming out.

Linked In results in the meantime beat high end estimates to deliver $6.9 mln in profits or 12 cents a share even as revenues doubled from the year ago period to $167 mln with the next quarter guided to $170-$175 mln. The result  “exceeded our expectations for member engagement and business growth.”

Linked in had 131 mln users as of September 2011, turning around a revenue of $1.28 per user and profits in around 6 cents. Linked In like the iPad has been growing as an important part of corporate networks and corporate subscriptions have become its mainstay. Meanwhile, Facebook seems to have gone past the post in trying to get founder Mark Zuckerberg control on voting even with Class B shares granting him 10:1 voting rights, with his 28% share not enough.

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