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The Top 500 Bank Brands Pt 2 , Biggest Winner, Biggest Losers

The Banker put the Top 500 brands list for Banks to use in the February 2012 issue, showing everyone how Bank of America lost the most brand value from 2010 to this year, and thats Bank of America and Merrill Lynch added interesting news in the list of winners was that none of the US banks counted in there, We all know Chinese banks made it to the Top 20 in the survey.

These Top 20 banks or otherwise weren’t that much news though as the ones who grew the most, Master card jumped ten places from last year and Visa moved up too..(Sign of the times) Also moving uop were Canadian TD and RBC

There isn’t much separating RBC and Standard Chartered too and that is 5 banks incl the out of favor Credit Suisse, the others are much tougher to beat..


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