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US Economy: Jobless claims take a dip, Whitehouse sneaks a 8% number

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Though the jobless claims will keep falling thru the year at a slow rate teh whitehouse sneaked an optimistic piece of data oto keep the fragile recovery on rails, saying there are goin gto be 2 million jobs in the year, ending the year withan ambitious 8% unemployment rate.

The 4 week jobless claims were down to 366.5k as the number of the week was just 359k. Housing starts and Price indices come next week, Wednesday with the Empire State index and Thursday  with the Philly fed also reporting, even as the foreclosure settlement is eagerly awaited by the bank stocks incl. Oklahoma. Though the final terms are known on Greece, one can figure out where europe works to this year even as ECB kept rates at 1%

More than the Housing recovery a  lot of GOP supporters celebrated yesterday as Rick Santorum won three caucuses on the trot to bring things in the 4 legged race to a full readiness. Nevada was a big enough win for Romney but just so, and in two weeks, the debates will win again and Gingrich will be back making the final claims.  Samtorum won in all three of Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri, none giving him any delegates as two had a non binding vote and the third , they call abeauty contest ( Missouri) Super Tuesday is March 6 when the Delegate counts stick..

FOMC meeting minutes are out Wednesday afternoon, but no one should be left wonderin gon any QE now, right?





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