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US Economy: NO, its not the Economy..

Well the trade deficit of $48.8 bln and the Greek relapse may be blamed by a few but the Dow futures are down today because the strength expected in the US Economy in the last few weeks has borne out that there is a marked Cap to the celebrations tahat ecovery can engender.

And that figure is very much the same 3-4% we all were at, without the QE3 many wished on the markets and without the relapse in Jobs, housing and industry & services many feared that did not happen either. But that irrastionally the marke5 cannot continue uop and technical charts saw that it is a time for a break or a reaction from the market levels is just about the only reason. It is a good thing because if given a chance more people would be trading in the next cycle, this cycle a bland holiday time rally without many trading.

Nothing to it, buy CAT, DIS< AMZN and the new iPad3! abnd a $1 T Apple too.

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