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Repeatability – Strategy’s missing link | Book Insight

Repeatability is a terrific guide to adapting your business for success in uncertain times.”
– Ken Chenault, Chairman and CEO, American Express

“Very few businesses move beyond surviving to actually thriving and winning in their segments. The secret is to focus on what truly makes them unique, and to frequently refine and adapt this to changing circumstances through a repeatable business model. This requires hard thinking on why your business exists, and strict discipline to stay focused. Chris Zook and James Allen show how this can be achieved through clear thinking and hard, enduring effort.”
– Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO and President, LEGO Group

“Strategy is more than a plan, more than a vision. Strategy is about delivering something better to customers than your competitors every day, which means translating strategy into front line actions and behavior. It is about capabilities, it is about engagement. Repeatability is the missing link to turn strategy into action.”
– Sandy Ogg, Operating Partner, Blackstone

“Driving profitable growth year after year requires a synergy of various aspects—vision, strategy, execution, continuous learning—along with passion and commitment to organizational goals. Repeatability offers practicable ideas on how CEOs can develop and implement a business model to empower leaders across the organization to replicate a proven growth formula.”
– A. M. Naik, Chairman and Managing Director, Larsen & Toubro Limited

“For most industrial capitalists, the secret to success is being able to churn out the same product over and over, with uniform quality and at a predictable price. Zook and Allen argue that the key to strategic success is a company’s ability to do approximately the same thing with its business model, replicating the essential voodoo it does so well, in new markets and with new products. It’s a killer argument, one no strategist can afford to brush off.”
– Walter Kiechel III, author, The Lords of Strategy

Repeatability brilliantly encapsulates how executives today must lead change. Consistency and clarity for customers and your culture creates ‘less complexity, more energy, and better connectedness.’ Zook and Allen have proven this simple, adaptable model is critical for ‘sustained value creation’ of your company and greater community today.”
– Angela Ahrendts, CEO, Burberry

“One of the hardest jobs of a CEO is to navigate the fine line between keeping the organization focused on day-to-day execution and making sure the company is ready to change its strategy in response to industry changes. With their idea of repeatable models that can adapt over time, Chris Zook and James Allen are offering something important to CEOs navigating a turbulent world.”
– Sir Christopher Gent, Chairman, GlaxoSmithKline; former CEO, Vodafone

About the Author

Chris Zook is a partner at Bain & Company and co-head of Bain’s Strategy practice, where his work focuses on helping companies find their next wave of profitable growth. He is the author of the best-selling business books, Profit from the CoreBeyond the Core, and UnstoppableJames Allen is a partner in Bain & Company’s London office and co-head of Bain’s Global Strategy Practice. He is co-author of Profit from the Core and is a frequent speaker at the World Economic Forum and other conferences.


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