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Ewww Is this Brazilian Coffee for real? | Commodity insight

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As WSJ tell us like the Chicory mixed in Indian fiter coffee, millions of tonnes of Brazilian Coffee is exported every year to become the bedrock of filter bags and other multitudes of roasted coffee bean mixtures we sell as instant to the starbucks cuppah as the base flavour to which the blend is commissioned.

One thus wonders, when the same is produced as flavoured coffeee with its sweet, nutty roasted taste expounded, whether it will be able to change anyone else’s mind. I for one, even when I travel, don’t like anything to bother my coffee, dreading the airline serving, the office vending machine, sometimes even the Starbucks cuppah and definitely a lot of other fare. At Bangalore I am even at ease with any of the readymades from CCD to Costas, and while traveling I am very comfortable with Maxwell’s filter in my “suites” or the Quality Inn with a coffee maker. Of course, no one somehow encounters the unsung Nescafe whose Global instant brands are the rage in most countries that trade with each other???

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For all those makers of global coffee taste, changing the mix to include the Brazilian flavour would at best be an extra exotic “kahwah” flavour or too and not much more. Green Mountain Coffee Roast, Maxwell, Folgers and other bags would still use what base they do use to not change the blend that makes customers happy, though like Dominos, someone could think there is a market or recovery in changing the taste of their blend. Probably the branded market is at least one fifth of all those coffee sales with each corner shop and van still selling their own coffee apart from the chains like McCafes and other store brands that could compete with your Starbucks..At least that would be my brief before asking someone to conduct fresh market research on the brew.

BTW, check the links for why Bar ddn’t whine about Starbucks in Brazil! 😀 More than 400 bln cups of the brew are consumed nationally ( 2011) and Coffee producers like Brazil are increasing Domestic consumption. Blended Coffees ( roasted) are the most sold.

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