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Apple and Coke sandwich Google brand | Brand insight

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Global Brands Apple and Coke took #1 and #3 ranks pipping Google to #2 and and Kraft followed in the Top 5. AIG saved Goldman Sachs’ reputsation yet again ending below Goldman Sachs and Bank of America in the survey (Harris Interactive)

The Brands were measured for their Reputation Quotient which does show a technology bias you wouldn’t want in a brand poll Coca Cola was 15th last year and may well beat Google’s 82.82 next year in the 14th survey. Toyota, General Motors and BP showed the highest improvement while 25% of the brands lost their sheen

Apple was by far #1 in 4 out of 6 categories according to the Harris release at 85.6 with Whole Foods and Amazon scoring in Social responsibility and emo appeal. The other four are broadly Performance, Product, Vision and Workplace environment(employee engagement)

Interestingly,, which has no storefront and very limited human interaction, scores highest in the Emotional Appeal dimension – this is the core strength of its reputation. In terms of supportive behavior, customers report considerable confidence in and several other companies:

  • In the future, Americans would “definitely” purchase products & services from (71%), Kraft Foods (70%), and
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    the Coca-Cola Company (64%).

  • Americans would “definitely” recommend to others products & services from (64%) and Kraft Foods (57%).
  • In the future Americans would “definitely” invest in stock from (34%), Microsoft (23%), and the Coca-Cola Company (23%).
  • Americans would “definitely” recommend to others to invest in stock from (46%), the Coca-Cola Company (25%), and Microsoft (24%)
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IBM and Intel exit the list with Macy’s and Walgreens inching up the ladder with Costco, Kohl’s, Ron Johnson’s JC Penney and even Best Buy

Meanwhile, the sudden appearance of brick-and mortar retailers like Best Buy, Costco, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Walgreens, and Macy’s on the most visible companies roster contrasts sharply with the absence of iconic U.S.-based manufacturers, like IBM and Intel Corporation.

Johnson&Johnson has historically managed a #1 or #2 in this ‘portfolio’. Facebook, American and Delta were also together in not making the list



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