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Expectations from Xi Jinping’s visit to USA | China Review & Insight

The future President of China flew into Andrews Airbase this afternoon looking to add a schedule of basketball in Los Angeles and visit a family in Iowa. He will also have dinner with senior officers on Monday incl Henry Kissinger, who has written extensively on the country in his new tome. US is unlikely to drop the subject of Tibet in any formal discussions.

The Vice president is traveling with a trade delegation though the WTO challenges and the resistance to the new EU tax are unlikely to be discussed focussing perhaps on Financial transactions and increasing the influence of China on deveoping and renewing US infrastructure ( not a small hurt of pride fro US to follow , but as a trade item, definitely worth every Dollar US needs in foreign investment, even as Obama tables the reform budget for his 2013 Whitehouse residency.

The 2012 campaign will likely feature the budget as a reason for a complete mandate too, given his skirmishes with the GOP over tax for the wealthy. Obama spent a long time in his budget introduction speech on the importance of education reforms as healthcare is off the table during his second term.

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