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What Macy’s and Saks knew for long, Walgreen compensated with renewed spends and market priced buys, or Blackrock, KKR, Carlyle and Louis Vitton tried to back through Private equity, has still been brought about by Steve Jobs’ dream that started a run in 1984 and is still on the beat with 16 moillion iPods, 30 million iPhones and 60 million iPads this year(2011) . The iPad 3 will ofcourse beat the other $500 mark in some markets as Apple probably chooses to retail at $500 over in markets like India to make sure the Jimmy Choo fashion show can get a bit of glitz. Still there are many others who are happy to add Microsoft plus Google at less than Apple ( MSFT + GOOG < AAPL?)

Even in China, Apple retail had to shut its premier  showroom down while sales continued for a few days at other stores and 2011 ended with Apple retail stores already crossing $6 bln, this year probably a 33% ‘mark up’ on that

Of course J C Penney is still dreaming of taking the battle across to them with Ron Johnson running up a few expenses to make up for the Apple charisma.



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