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US Economy: Retail exactly did that work

To boot, though the sales was one fat figure plus the dice you play on ex Auto but Brian Sozzi was waiting in the wings with slowdown in discretionary spending, after all that spending on cards..Still, the morning opened to a shocker and the European downgrades had pretty much readied the gameplayers and the market cheese to deliver unto itself.  The ICSC index slowed to a year on year 2.8% Some other economists stuck tot he shelves on the lack of cold weather moves for retailers abut I am pretty sure Individual retailers did well in all categories . Retail ex Autos and Gas made the beat scoring 0.6% while all retail showed a m/m of 0.4%.

Markets will recover by midd ay if follow on news from the week’s opening gambits by Appe make a follow up, nothing so bad about missing the retail numbers as we are still growing. UK inflation numbers were at an expected 3.6%, good enough for the QE to come in one hopes, while the Germans showed the steel they are made of, with the ZEW expectations jumping from the woodwork of under -21.6 to +5.4, celebrating their low unemployment and disregarding the weaker data earlier this month and the passing of the euro break up clouds.

Someone at Market watch noted how the Apple is bobbing at a CAGR of 45% since a decade, and with 15% weight in the NASD even Intel pickers would be part of a NBA market ( Nothing But “APPLE”)

Those waiting for cheer on housing, honestly nothing until Wednesday, ever without the starts number..sogo ahead and speculate, the consensus is the usual this time, continued recovery of the Housing market index to 26 from 25 and housing starts to 675 from 657k and permits a little more, recovering the gains of 9% in November thence lost in December by 4%.

monday’s report showed industrial Production in ‘Europe’ falling 2%


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