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Insider Trading: The Goldman Sachs episodes

While Rajat Gupta’s probe was making good progress with the Defense strategy of revealing that he had aborted the Raj Rajarathnam relationship weeks before the trace recordings apreempted by Preet Bharara’s team with implications of adding 2007 annual report saga to the charges, there is the inevitable follow up with another insider aught talking to hedge funds with Insider information, and as the saga goes, pulling for greed, in search of bonuses

The expert networks seem to be ready fodder for the war on an yunhealthy nexus as Henry King, the reported analyst was also sharing the High Tech supply chain noose with hedge funds. PC Parts makers data gives insight into growth rates int he industry , price trends and probably much more financial analysts can use to time a run. Again I have reservations on news on forward supply chain data being confidential, atleast Taiwan suppliers should be free of the Pub and run curse on leading the information chain in innovation rich companies hit by Moore’s law.


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