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Xi Jinping tries to revive the South China Sea phantom? | China Review & Insight

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XI Jinping’s military background and his closeness to the PLA may have been brushed off, after talks yielded him a segue into the US military intentions questioning US’s new push in region including a Military base in Australia. It is unlikely, however  that Xi Jinping not become inexcruciably linked with China’s military ambitions in the next ten years or so during his coming tenure as the Chinese President.

China’s reliance on indigenous innovation with COMAC making 20% of its planes also has a part to play but irrespective of sub allocation, the more important sub text it is illuminating in the South China Sea and in East China Sea is that is is ready to spend on the PLA and thus perforce the PLA will have more than a say in matters of national polity and that includes neighbours, trade partners and the US. its miltary planes the J-10s and the J-20s based on the Russian Sukhoi engines are already exported by the country ( to Pakistan as FC 20), the new J15 carries sophisticated locally made weapons and its Defense spending is likely to reach $240 bln by 2015, a high $120 bln for this yeara and the 2015 target more than NATO’s top economies together ex US

China’s official (FT) spending is $91 bln but that does not include spending on his space program which does have a large military component including the Shenzhou 8 unmanned spacecraft and the Tiangong-1 space station. The US Defence bnudget is $380 bln counting to operations and discretionary spending even as it unveils plans to reduce budgets over the next 10 odd years. Countries in the Asia and the Middle East are however growing defence budgets at close to 10% annual rates



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