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US Economy: And don’t get me wrong Romney is a Conservative! | The Poitical Economy

Romney defending his conservative record in Farmington , MI ( I thought home was  New England)  on how entitlements are now 60% and people don’t understand the math because in Father’s time, Entitlements used to 10% of the budget and Defence used to be 60%

Romney also wants to flatline the corporate Tax to 17.5% , a profit on Net profits alone, and defending his tax rate!

Rick Santorum was somehow not welcome when he disclosed a just under $1 mln tax return and a honest eff tax rate of 28%

Done what is necessary for people to rise in grandpa was a coal was wealth that was sustaining families ..people could participate in communities. Ramble on, doh! you taught America to make profits! but you are right, the lack of Private sector experience of the Obama government is making recovery difficult..I wonder what will make it difficult in your case..a breakdown in entitlements and missing tax revenues awaiting for higher, faster and stronger profits??

In the latest New York Times/CBS Poll, released on Tuesday, Romney was behind Obama by six points, while Santorum trailed by eight — a margin-of-error sort of difference. By contrast, the struggling Newt Gingrich trailed by 18 points.(Romney’s Big Problem)

Rick santorum on the other side praising the neighbour North Dakota in Detroit..We’ll create jobs for everyone…

I do think Newt will make a comeback., Romney btw, will not let China steal jobs from America..

Honestly, both candidates can still oppose bailouts after three years of the crisis, Romney against Auto bailouts but supporting Wall Street ( Santorum) and Rick himself against bailouts, period! honestly! I don’t think there are any mopre poll points for opposing bailouts, politicians should take a rain check every now and then and meet some of the people they speak to!

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