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I split, You split = Investors’ Banana split triple sundae, pretzels and nuts?

Editor’s note: In case the companies split do not use soft serve or serve triple sundae lines from their splitting operations, they can..this series a good idea to see where America is taking superbrands by investing in Splits.

The fragmented American Consumer Staples brands market from Cereals to Coffees, to the failure of Private labels to grow to Maine and Vermont’s Dairy Economy, or even Lake Washington vs Lake Couer d’Alene ( from Spokane to Boise, Idaho) the contradictions keep coming and keep Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi and Kraft guessing for a living despite $100 bln franchises. They put Coke thru the wringer and somehow the leaders did not need to split, meaning there is a dream beyond investor cash in being a giant brand enveloping American growth like a cocoon, which Warrne Buffet can still find, and definitely I am game if Dell decides to give me a cone, ja? or Apple this decade! Or Amazon the decade after! But why split! And why Green mountain Coffee Roast is not as big as General Mills with so many zeroes added to US debt, th e US GDP and the US Employment rate too! And why did you need so much debt to buy your Pizza hut franchise..we at social media in fact know some of the answers, esp as we manage everything without the single whiff of cash or pay cheques let alone bonuses)

North Dakota could do it, but despite so many Presidents, California and Arizona could not, maybe that is the answer for Indra (Nooyi) and Irene (Rosenfeld)..As of now, it is too much work, just think that we will have a series to the splits , first and foremost in Consumer Staples then innovation led discretionary ( where we will lump the rest of tech)  and then in the other sectors that could have been and see if we know the genes that make the others Retail Lifestyle Champions, or even the last mile that separates the last 57 seconds of the game from a New England Patriots’ game plan!

Of course I am alone and pretty much have frameworks for everything, so if you want to shoot from the hip, now is the time, for once on a framework it can be a ride through the tunnel for the longest time..And hey why does a Pfizer management sell all to cash while Novartis keeps buying eyeliners for $50 bln despite falling profits, that is not even a good question anymore..

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