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Oil rises on Iran enriched fuel reports | War theatre Insight

The precious Oil Corridor in the St of Hormuz was again in focus as cut off Iranian supplies and prospects of Israeli turning aggressor on Iran increased in the last few minutes, Brent rising over 4% to $125 on the news that Iran indeed has enriched Uranium rods for use as fuel, to be diverted to weapons at will

Oil has risen 15% this month already as a major uranium enrichment facility at Natanz in Central Iran had been operational with domestically-developed new generation centrifuges, according to a report after import shortages made the Iranian plan (if any)  unlikely

With the Euro and the Dollar irreparably at their peak for the year the Oil price is going to hit all buyers in Asia Pacific and especially those of us without consumption/import limits driven by our exports, which have been a n automatic expense cut off for both Europe and China. That means India, Indonesia, Japan and some other like even Brazil despite local oil production increases are going to be bleeding from inflation while US and Europ e enjoy a currency sabbatical with the QE(from non US Central Banks)  backing them.

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