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US Economy: (EoD Review) Friday New Home Sales data can’t stop Dow 13K

SundownThis review of Economic Data coming after hours on a Friday, it is undertandable it will come on a Saturday sometimes, or the Book Insight piece every Friday might slip over, so I can enjoy my days of penury and writing in a trifle or two of luxury.

Dow’s 13k journey was nothing spectacular in its three years, but if you look at the 8 short weeks of 2012, nothing short of spectacular either, with Amex and Mastercard continuing where they left off in 2011, Oil up to $110 on West Texas Intermediate (Cushing, OK) and Santorum filling time while Romney Super PACs dream up his share of negative advertising apparently only post Michigan voting on Tuesday. And at least two big fund managers Paulsonand Berkowitxz lost and remade on Banks and Financials fortunes even as BAC ended the week at $7.88 and JP Morgan well below Volcker (Forty) Also, get this in the National GDP reports from Europe, Britain showed strong Domestic Demand (0.7%) as well as positive contribution from Exports( again a strong 0.7%), while Germany had a negative 0.3% contribution from Exports in the Fourth Quarter


A diversion for “Super Tuesday” and the NFL Combine

I do not understand the baloney of Newt not playing to Michigan crowds, but nothing much has happened yet this time including the scores(Delegate totals by Proportionate, absolute and other allocation where deigned to be done esp as, of the 4 early votes, two were  reduced to half the Delegates) after Tuesday. Cricket and Soccer are much simpler to understand and rope in bigger audiences. Just kidding, it will be a long time before other sports even catch up to the NFL combine including home sports of baseball and Basketball.

Or Cricket, elsewhere in rich nations and civilisations, and Soccer with bank bailouts

Except in India, most other Commonwealth players of Cricket do play and watch the game at best as a second vocation and definitely not the primary addiction so it would not matter if Trent Richardson did not get a look in despite the record season because he refused to do the 40 yds ar break the benchpress record beyond 475 Lbs.

Again, just kidding, if Tebow was near a not so religious convention or Andrew Luck did not get hotlisted in more than 1 in 3 drafts as the no. 1 pick either, this discussionstuck to how Oil and inflation are ready to rip apart the growth dream as the markets factor int he recovery of 2012 and get ready for even Mt 15 k apparently.

Redefining global Correlation

Nothing to stop the good ones from rising except if you are thinking of the Big 4 – 6 Financials which will not rise unless the index rises, a happier place for global correlation in equities to reside if just banks can move withthe top number of the Dow than  Dow gyrating to every breath taken in Europe, China, Japan and lo presto courtesy the lost Keystone line, even the Canadians. Unfortunately perhaps, for the ribust sales in avation and defence, and for the cutbacks in Defence budgets to be reviewed, we do not seem to be closer to the war with Iran or Syria. UK GDP grew 0.7% Y/Y and German GDP grew 2% Y/Y for 2011

Consumer Sentiment and New Home Sales – No, definitely not the Recovery headlines next week

But the Oil prices link us all more than the 200 mln viewership games and Social security gaps in Private and social pension plans would.  The global fund flows would seem the reason with UK growing the QE to GBP 325 bln and giving away GBP 50 bln to Super Mario,  LTRO very much expected and apparently a consumer sentiment of 75+ on the UMich Friday Data or the upward revised November and December data of New Home sales of 318K and 324 k, not good enough as January slips to 321K.

So. next week apart from the politics and the rest, more rebadging recovery expectations ot o this plateau and redoing these first two months again to underscore the recovery. I wonder if it is good enough for Global Tourism to pop

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