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After flummoxed investors in Zynga had to wait for a Facebook announcement, and many like Groupon had given a sore thumb to Morgan Stanley, increasingly associated with blogs that  tear apart earnings and regulators who hate pay bloated expense reports, finally redeemed itself with the next Digital POP, YELP rising 62% to $24 Before the bell, it upped the ante on the $12-14 price range top open the new ticker at a settled price of $15 fo rthe 60 mln share worth erstwhile Yellow pages engine that is a welcome return of content on the bourses after Digital Linked in was followed by more sales engines and the local reccommendation engine Yelp going the mile on localising the web with real content. Goldman Sachs Citi and Jeffries walk away with hard earned bling!

The more than 7 million IPO shares in the company, bringing back sceptics to the mark of “intra day may not last” than the earlier “digital is dead, no pop after the Zynga IPO traded below $10 even after a lower combination of pricing and valuation in a busy weekend of 2011 failed to push its prospects to sceptic retail baggers waiting for a new IPO story. YELP already makes more than $1.16 per unique monthly visitor on its website

Groupon for example droppedd below $20 in the latest trades though Linked In stays above water a t $87. Zynga celebrated the YELP listing and Angie’s List was a good competitor proving investors and content reviewers/ pushers to be ont he same plane as the bigger deal makers, giving Angie’s List and YELP something to prove ont he world wide web, after Facebook opened up the paradigm to a post Google ( sorry Eric Schmidt) social paradigm.


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