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US Economy (EoD Review): Romney, Yields come back, but to what avail!

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Mitt Romney wins at least 3 states incl Massachussets and Vermont, yet getting only 60% in Virginia where Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich did not even make it to the ballot, and while Santorum would like you to believe he is a close #2 , his win in Ohio counts only as much as Gingrich’s victory in Georgia as all three candidates get nearly 30% of the vote in the south and delegates will be allocated proportionally exceptin Ohio, where Santorum and Romney are still stuck below 40.

Meanwhile Boeing scored a big win for US economic data when it signed up with China manufacturer COMAC to help it make better planes and get a look in on the 4000 odd aircraft Beijing is likely to order in the next 20 years. That does mean, Airbus is firmly off the saddle in Asean as Indian aviation companies battle the Oil monster and come up bankrupt with Air Asia X probably prefers smaller aircraft for its network.

Coke and McDonalds got a look in on the squawk yesterday for US companies unaffected by the Greek Swap and the Euro crisis, Coke also rescinded  a recent change in supply decision ansd stayd with Southern Oranges from Italy for its Italian production. Chinese banks have started spinning off consumer finance units in anticipation of a consumer lending boom with Bank of Beijing alrdy owned 16% by ING, selling a 20% stake in ?consumer finCo to Santander. BoCom as HSBC partner contributes $3-5 bln to the lender’s IBIT

S&P’s worst fall in three months on Super Tuesday however sounded the warning as global markets get over their optimistic beginning for 2012 Debt deals in SE Asia had reason 50% to $23 bln in the first three months but with Corp battles like the Wynn Spat with Okada. The Australian GDP reported was a high and comfortable 2.3% Y/Y final quarter up from personal consumption expenditure of 0.5% belying talks of a recession

Meanwhile the 52 week auction had the good bid cover from previous auctions and yields were firmer at 0.17% in US Treasuries as the deflation in equities probably wipes off the excess demand for safety in bonds and starts back on an even keel

Sand is a good investment if China is too far for you with Chinese paying $16 for the Gas worth $2 in the US and shale exploitation growing like crazy


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