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JP Morgan’s Brokerage teaches Wall Street marketing Strategy to sell a Ferrari/Lamborghini exclusive

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A brokerage business with 400 advisors going to 650, with Advisors of Merrill Lynch, Morga Stanley and UBS ‘lineage” working for the new business, leaning on the World’s largest bank by assets and notably, profits successfully uses its ‘flawed’ Bear Stearns lineage and exclusive JP Morgan parentage to shop itself as the Wealth boutique to the world’s richest making it tantalizingly exclusively even as Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch try hard to shake off 2008, UBS and Morgan Stanley run into bigger troubles in 2009 and 2010 and ex Bear Stearns advisor Quental heads up as CEO of JP Mioorgan Securities instead and though I am sure cross sell is still a great advantage, does not end up calling itself an appendage of a great bank and assumingly, we are talking about them because they have done well, relying on JP Morgan cunning to manage the business without losing profits over it.

JP Morgan compares strictly as a boutique in this business though the Morgan Stanley Advisors and BofA’s 17100 advisors may also not be restricting their customers to ETFs, MBS securities and high yield funds only, they will definitely not be acting like Charles Schwab salesman selling commission trades for a living, a problem that made Morgan Keegan squirm at paying commissions earlier in 2011. Goldman Sachs is next in the business though JP Morgan also passed up a chance to buy Deutsche Bank’s $500 bln US funds management business to scale up to Morgan Stanley and the Swiss Boutiques and/or its old competitor in Bank of America / Merrill Lynch


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