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The Retail Lifestyle Champions: BMW celebrates US conquest

After Audi, who? Audi is not the only import successful on the US roads despite the Diesel campaign on Go Green USA tags for the last 4-5 years. BMW totted up a $6.2 bln profit for 2011 on the back of an average 30k per month sales in the USA and another 20k per month sales in the Chinese Continent, anumber much higher than 2009 and 2010 and likely to be maintained in 2012 despite new duties in China on imported components. Meanwhile the comapny was recently published on Bloomberg sayin gits $100k car for the rich earns only a 6% profit. Well something should sale without incentives to keep the faith. That’s why God made the Beamer! Last year 2010 profits were $4 bln and that was good too as were 2011 Sales at $87 bln approx.

This article is just a beginning of a new Addition to the Winners league at . We would like your analysis too. Go ahead and try the purring V12 Mini at the nearest dealer in the meantime.

Audi assembley line Aurangabad

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